Saturday, May 7, 2011

Alexa's Dance Recital

My Little Dancing Ballerina!

Alexa took a creative movement dance class this spring and she loved it! They worked on their dance all semester and then got to perform for us at the high school auditorium. She was so excited.
This was during the performance. Do you see how they are all looking off stage that is because the teacher was behind the curtain and they were all watching her! LOL :( Maybe the teacher should of thought about standing down in front. But it was still cute and she got her 4 mins. on stage! After watching the other dances, Alexa has decided she would like to try tap in the fall.

Way to go baby! You did great!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Track and Field

It's track season again and Anastasia was ready to join the team again at our local middle school. A couple of her friends were there from last year but she said there were mainly all new kids. She trains really hard as they have practice 5 days a week for one hour. The season lasted for about a month and a half. This year her events were going to be the hurdles and high jump. There are four meets in the season and unfortunately she only got to compete in the first two. Then she hurt her leg (we think possible shin splints) so she wasn't able to compete in the last two. Talk about a disappointment for her! But I was so proud she still wanted to go to the practices and the meets to support her team.

Here she is (below) doing the high jump. I didn't get any pictures of her doing the hurdles because I was video taping it.

I took this picture of Joshua and Jadon walking back to the car after one of the meets. I just thought it was cute! ;)

So Anastasia has one more year at the middle school and then she can move on and compete at the high school. She is going to work on strengthening her legs and might even do cross country in the fall.