Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The week or so before Halloween the kids and I went shopping to find some costumes and costume parts.  One of the days I took them to Goodwill and we were looking all around .  While we were there, Anastasia went off to another section of the store with Jadon and a mom and son came up to her.  They said as part of a church activity they were looking to bless someone else and they wanted to give her $50.00!!!  So she had them come back over to me and we could both tell by their reaction that they first thought Jadon was her son.  ;(  but they still wanted to give her the money!  It was a total blessing to Anastasia and I told her "It really does pay to shop at Good will"  LOL  So between Goodwill, our dress up tub and a couple other stores we found everyone a costume.
Halloween morning we made face pancakes.

Then for school we weighed, measured, counted seeds and carved our pumpkins.

The kids actually got to dress up two nights in a row.  The first night another local church was having a trunk or treat and I took them to that  and then on Halloween Papa and Grandma came over and took them around our neighborhood.

And of course the next day's math was sorting, counting and graphing our candy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Block Party

After weeks of planning our big out reach event is happening.  We have been brainstorming lots of different ways to reach out to the community and so we pulled together a block party.  We didn't get quite the turn out we hoped for but it was still a blessed afternoon of fun!
We had music, food, games and even a raffle.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I love all seasons and the uniqueness that comes with celebrating them all!  After a long hot summer I am ready for fall and all the wonderful smells and cooler weather.  We celebrated one night by going to a local pumpkin patch.  The kids got to do all sorts of fun activities and we even got lost in the corn maze!   

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's Time For a Big Boy Bed

Such a bittersweet day for this mommy!  It's time to move Jadon to a big boy bed.  He is ready but I don't know if Mama is.  He actually stayed the longest in the crib of all the other kids.   All 6 of my babies have slept in this crib.I love this crib and it is going to be stored in the garage for awhile.  I am not ready to part with it just yet. ;)  Jadon was so excited and wanted to help daddy with the tools.
                               I got a couple of last pictures !

                                            Posing and pretending for me in his new big boy bed!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Joshua's Surgery

Joshua's dental x-ray's have always shown that he has had an extra front tooth.  He lost his two front, baby teeth but they have not grown in yet so it was finally time to go in and remove the extra front tooth (that is up in his gums with his other permanent teeth).  He was scheduled for out patient surgery and I think Jay and I were both much more nervous than he was! However, I must say that his Dr. was wonderful in explaining everything and calming us down.

We were able to stay with Joshua until they wheeled him back to the OR and then Jay and I had to hang out in the waiting room.  It was a LONG hour and a half wait!!

The Dr. came out and told us everything went well and we could finally go back and see Josh. You gotta love the turban!  LOL  We waited with him about another hour to make sure no side affects from the anethesia.

We brought him straight home and he had some very concerned sisters who were ready to take care of him.  Savannah would not leave his side.  It was so sweet.  He laid around the rest of the day and recoeverd just fine.  Now hopefully the poor boy will get his two front teeth in the next couple of months.