Friday, August 2, 2013

Jumping Back In

Five months later and I still need to "jump back into my blog"!  Here goes.  I am excited to post once again just about our family life and homeschooling adventure.  I am so ready to get back to a routine and schedule and leave the lazy days of summer behind.  I can't believe I am saying that but it has been kind of a blah summer taken up by moving once again!  I know the kids have had fun and we have done some fun stuff but there was no camping or family trips this summer and the summer heat here just sucks the life out of everything.
So we are settled in our new house, I have lesson plans complete for the year!!  ( I will post separately about that) I am ready to embrace the business of our upcoming semester.  Natasha will be officially joining us in school as a Kindergartner! Anastasia is in volleyball and Chemistry co-op.  The younger ones are going to be in a co-op once again and I am so excited about that!!  Three of them are going to be in soccer and one in gymnastics.  We are back to doing unit studies and notebooking and I am so excited and feel as if I am getting out of a slump.
We are going to keep plugging away and working hard until October and hubby is working hard to qualify for a vacation for all of us!
So here is to "jumping in with both feet" back to blogging.  :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!  I love Spring, Easter and the celebration of my Lord and Savior and everything it stands life, new creations, new beginnings.  We had day packed full of celebrations.

The kids acutally got their Easter treats before church this year since our church service wasn't until 11.  Last year I don't think they got to even see their baskets until 10pm that night!
Baskets were filled with pool toys, new flip flops, candy treats and some new movies.
After eating our Resurrection Rolls and I am sure a bunch of candy... ;) it was time to head off to church.  Our church plant has been meeting for 1 year now and we have been in Awhatukee for a year!  Time does fly by!
The kids did an Easter craft activity. Then it was time for some pictures:
My Beautiful girls!

My Handsome boys!
Trying to get a group picture!  No easy feat with this group!  LOL

After church we went home and changed and then headed to the park for food, fun and games.

Getting ready for an egg hunt!  

After the park we headed back home and Papa and Grandma came over and helped us color some eggs.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Where has the time gone....

I thought out to lunch was a good start to this post.  I feel that sums up where I have been in relation to my blog for the last SIX months.....  Wow I almost feel like I don't know how to blog or where to get started again.  I love keeping my blog like a scrapbook and in time order so I will probably try to keep it up to date while trying to get "caught" in the next month or so.  I don't know what happened, every time I want to sit down and blog other stuff gets my attention (or I just feel overwhelmed by it).  I think maybe the last few months I have loved the "idea" of blogging rather than actually blogging.  LOL

Well with our Party of 8 there is a lot to catch up on.  There is never a dull moment around here except of course the last FIVE days we have all been passing the plague around to one another and I think I might have gotten it the worst.  It is not good when Mama is sick and needs to take care of her sick babies!  I am tired of laying in bed and am not really up to doing anything else though so I thought I would take some time to work on my blog.
I have been reading other blogs and I really want to get back to "blog hopping" and sharing of topics that others are sharing about especially when it comes to homeschooling and family.  We have also gone through some changes to our homeschooling this year and I will share about that.  I am so excited already about what I am planning for next year.
I guess I just need to dive in and start posting.  So here goes.....