Monday, February 17, 2014

A Brave Little Girl

OH MY! Not a super soccer Saturday by any means! Joshua and Alexa finished their games and we just sat down to watch Natasha's game.  I was getting settled and looked to the field and Natasha was already falling down.  Now she is a tough little player who gives it all she has and does not push or shove anyone else.  Well, a little boy pushed her and she went down just right on her elbow.  At first I thought it was dislocated.  I had no choice but to make the poor girl walk to the car while we carried all the stuff.  We left right away and she was crying but not horrifically.  So I took her and the other two straight to urgent care (I should have went straight to the ER).  They did an Xray splinted it and told me I had to go to Cardon's children's hospital.  Surgery still did not cross my mind at all!
I dropped the other two off at home, called Jay and headed to the hospital.  Well to make her feel better (she wasn't crying anymore) we stopped at QT and got a slushie drink and cheetos.  We arrived at the hospital around 4 and Jay met us there.  They did another x-ray and said she would need surgery.  SURGERY??!!  They couldn't do it this late (and the fact that I had to admit we stopped for slushies and chips, mom of the year award right there!) Natasha and I were staying the night at the hospital!

Jay went home and got us an overnight bag and he stayed for awhile and then went home to stay with the other kids.  Things were put into perspective real quick when I realized they had put us on the kids cancer floor.  I was never so grateful to be there for just a broken bone!  The room was very nice.  We got to watch movies and snuggle.  

Natasha finally fell asleep and they woke her up around 11pm to put in her IV.  They take kids out of the room for procedures.  She was a champ and got to pick a toy out of the toy closet.  Surgery was set for early the next morning.  Jay came back up that morning to wait with me.  Papa Jack and Grandma Carson were there too.

She is prepped and ready to go!

Understandably she had a pretty rough time after the surgery.  It took her awhile to come around and she was in a lot of pain.  As soon as she at some food and kept it down we were able to go home later that night.

She kept the splint on for about a week to allow swelling to go down.  Then it was cast time.  There were two temporary pins put in during surgery that would stay in the 6 weeks while she wore the cast.

 Of course she picked pink and we blinged it all out.   It is going to be a long six weeks because she is fully mobile and thinks she can do more than she should do!  : )