Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Fun

I love October especially the latter half as the weather finally starts to cool off and we get a reprieve from the long hot summer. We finally get to enjoy the great outdoors again as the kids play out front all afternoon and evening with their friends and I can once again enjoy walks in the neighborhood.
I also enjoy going to the pumpkin patch and this year we went out to Carefree to check out their Enchanted Pumpkin Garden. So it wasn't a pumpkin patch but it was a fun adventure and an afternoon field trip.  There is an artist that carves pumpkins and puts them in different scenes. It was neat to watch and see all the pumpkins.

Next up for some fall fun, Queen Creek's Trunk or Treat. Jay and Anastasia had a Saladmaster booth at the event and the kids all dressed up and were ready to get some candy. I think everyone in the town showed up for this event. It was crazy crowded which was great for our booth but trying to trunk or treat was a bit overwhelming.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Caramel Apple Fun

It is fall and one of our favorite activities is to make caramel apples. This year Joshua, Savannah and Alexa picked their small groups from church to invite over. So for three Fridays in a row we hosted each group, one at a time. It was a lot of fun and they are a great group of kids, and awesome mentors. We definitely got our fill of caramel apples!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Skillet Concert

     Ever since Jadon was three months old he has loved the band, Skillet. Three months old you ask? Yes! LOL. Jay would turn up the radio in the car when Jadon was crying and he would only calm down when Skillet was played. This continued on and we would actually play it as his "sleepy time" music. We could lay him down anywhere and as long as we played Skillet he would go to sleep! Now you can always hear him listening to their songs on YouTube while he plays Minecraft. :)
     Today Jadon received the best early birthday present from his big Sissy! She was surprising him and taking him to his first ever concert, SKILLET!! When he posed for this first picture below he had no idea! He just thought he was going out with his Sissy. I made her promise to take lots of pictures and I screened shot some that she posted along the way.


What an awesome gift! We are trying to be creative and focus our gift giving on creating memories rather than collecting stuff. Well she hit it out of the park with this one!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Weeks in Review


      So I have been posting on all our outside activities and I can't believe we have one more week until our second six week break! Helping to homeschool my niece and nephew has definitely kept us on a more strict schedule that I am having a love/hate relationship with. LOL The kids are all doing great and I think they really like the routine.
    The best part with the weather cooling off is the kids like to read and do some work outside. 

Science has been so much fun! We are all loving the experiments between smoke bombs and dissolving Styrofoam it has been very exciting.

In History we have finished up our Arizona unit study (except for field trips we will take throughout the year). We are now studying world mapping and cultures and some ancient history.  First up was China, studying The Great Wall and complete with a lunch of fried rice, egg rolls and pot stickers.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Field Trip

     We are trying to visit as many national monuments and parks in Arizona as we can. Today we took a field trip to the Casa Grande Ruins. Truth be told it is practically in our backyard. We drove by it once a week for two years as we would go to gymnastics and yet this is the first time we have ever visited it.  I am so glad we finally went! It was a great trip and so informative.
     For starters do you know about "Every Kid in a Park".  Google it! If you have a 4th grader or homeschool age equivalent you can get a pass that gets 3 adults and all your kids in to any national park or monument for FREE!!  We discovered this last year and renewed it this year with Natasha and this was our first visit using it.
   They have a junior ranger program which involved the kids each getting a booklet that they had to fill out during our trip.  I loved this! We all learned some interesting facts about the "Big House". Outdoor, hands on learning is the best!
    We can't decide if our next trip will be up north to Flagstaff and the Walnut Canyon or south to Tucson to Tumacacori.