Friday, July 21, 2017

Our First Week Back

        One of the benefits of starting school back in July is it gives us a few solid weeks before all of our other extra curricular activities start up. So it was a pretty quiet week at home and we were able to follow our schedule and make tweaks as necessary. Not too many pictures just busy teaching and learning. Joshua is doing really well with his new classes and block schedule. He really seems to like foundations and it is teaching him about his learning styles..
       The younger ones are enjoying science and history. Lots of fun experiments and hands on activities. Jadon and Natasha were pretty excited their math books didn't come in until Friday. They just did timed tests all week.  I have started a book club for Savannah and Alexa this year. So for reading we are reading the first book in it From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I think the nicest thing has been finishing everyday by 2 or 2:30. I am really glad about that because as soon as sports start up we will probably be leaving by 3:00.  Over all I think it was a good first week back with minor distractions. This next week we are working on them taking turns prepping snacks and lunch. :)
          I only have a few pictures. Friday we did several science experiments learning about matter and density.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Personal Bible study

For my own personal Bible study I am using an app on my phone called First 5. I am really enjoying it mainly because I have been able to stick with it! You can set alarms from the app. Mine is set at 7am. If I am up before it goes off I can make some coffee and sit at the table by myself and read it. Otherwise I just lay in bed and read it that works too! It is a simple for meaningful plan to follow and it get me in the Word first thing each morning which has not always been the case.

I am sharing this because I was reminded once again how God is in the details! This current study is in Ruth, Esther and Song of Songs. Monday was our first day of school and Monday's Bible study was in Esther. It was 9:20-32. After the scripture reading there is always a short devotional. Reading through the devotional one of the other verses they tied in was Isaiah 61:1-3.  Look at the top of my blog!!  That verse is our school verse! Of all the verses to be used in connection with the study today. I just felt peace and comfort of God talking to me about our first day back to school.  How cool is that!!  You should go check out this devotional and join in if you don't have one you are currently using.

Monday, July 17, 2017

First day of school

 We have O'fish'ally started back to school today!  :)   The kids were actually pretty excited to start back today (we shall see how long it lasts). 

 The kids were looking forward to breakfast and to see how I decorated the table.  I wanted to make it special for our first day. I looked up some table settings on pinterest and then on Saturday I happened to go by Target and struck gold. In the dollar section there were so many cute back to school decorations. There were even $3.00 fidget spinners!

 The Smartie container says: "Have a great first day Smartie Pants" and the gold fish says: "You are O'fish'ally back in school".
 They each had some new notebooks, a fidget spinner and a pack of gum in their seats.
We had oatmeal bake for breakfast and then we were ready to get started!

 Joshua is on a block schedule. We started it at the end of last year and it works really well for him. He stays on track and more focused.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Year's Curriculum Choices

                 I have spent a few weeks over the summer working on curriculum this year. For Joshua I planned out his whole first semester and he is working on a block schedule. He does math and language everyday the rest of his subjects he does two days worth every other day. For math he is using Math U See and this year he will finish Algebra and start Geometry. He is using Easy Peasy All-in-One-High School for  Lit and Comp, Foundations, World History, and second semester he will take Music Appreciation. He is also taking Apologia Biology and some classes at Co-op. For Bible this year he is reading through the Bible and journaling about it. He has a deal with his dad that as soon as he reads through the Bible we will get him a cell phone! Joshua is also doing a 6 week course with all the others on Arizona History.

               For the other four we are we are doing Bible, history, science, history and mapping together.  In Bible we are continuing with Picture this Bible. We really like it and are starting with     I & II Corinthians. We are alternating days between history and science. First semester we are using Apologia Elementary Chemistry and Physics and then we will do ocean creatures. In history we are doing a short study on our state, Arizona, then we will continue with our world history. For reading and language they are using Easy Peasy and our book club books.  In math I have switched  everyone over to Math U See.  This year we are also going to use it is similar to the AR reading program used in schools.

'Twas the night before school

'Twas the night before school started, and all through the house
Not a child was stirring; it was just me and my spouse.
The schoolroom was cleaned and the books stacked with care,
Knowing we would spend part of our days in there.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of co-op danced in their heads.
And me with my arms full of morning treats
Was setting a table to look oh so neat!
I couldn’t wait for them to wake in the morning
Surly this day would be anything but boring.
We'll do our school work at the table and on the floor
Bible, reading, math and so much more!
This year there will be co-op, sports, and book clubs  too
Maybe even a few trips to the zoo.
We follow our own schedule and feel so blessed
We think homeschooling is the best!
-----Lori Pearce

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 School Year

       We are getting ready to start back to school after our 7 week summer break. I get asked a lot "Why so early?". Well, last year for the first time we followed a six week on one week off schedule and we all loved it!! Here is how I set it up. 180 days is six, six week sessions. I want to complete 3 sessions before Christmas and 3 after.  We take a week off at Thanksgiving and a month off at Christmas. (In Arizona we want to be out and about while the weather is beautiful and not blistering hot.) So this year we start on July 17th and our first session ends August 25. We are off the week of August 28th-1st. The next session is September 4th-October 13th and off the week of the 16th. Then for the 3rd session we are able to get 4 weeks in before Thanksgiving (take the week if Thanksgiving off) complete the 2 weeks after Thanksgiving. For this year we then have from December 11through Jan 7 off. So from January 8th count six weeks on one week off. The last session will end Friday, June 1st.
        This schedule really kept us focused and helped us complete our work. We usually scheduled playdates and other activities for our week off. However, if they take a day off they can try and make it up during our six weeks or during one of our days off.  We still have co-op or book club or things like that where ever they fall. This just helped us from feeling "behind" because of taking off misc. days. 
         After 13 years of homeschooling I really like this schedule. I hope it helps someone else too!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas with the Cousins

Tonight started our five days of Christmas celebrations.  We went over to my sister's house for a night of food, games, gifts and fun.  Brandy bought some cute little props that we had fun taking pictures with.  Grandma got both families the Pie Face game and that was a big hit with all the kids. It was a great time playing wiht the cousins and of course the kids all loved opening the gifts the best.

This is 11 of the 14 cousins on my side of the family.

The Girls
The boys

These are the oldest two only two weeks apart in age.

These two are the closest in age only 1 day apart.
These two are 4 months apart.

Believe it or not these two "babies of each family" are only 6 weeks apart.

Then we tell these girls they make up their own group.  : )

We couldn't be left out.

All the grandkids with Papaw and Grandma

Then I am not sure how it exactly worked out but all the kids stayed the night at Brandy's except Anastasia.  She was excited on getting to sleep in for her birthday!  Whoo hoo!