Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The middle of our 2nd week and it was time to take a day off!  :)  Birthdays are always a big deal around here!  My Lexilulu turned 11 today!

Here is our first picture of the day taken at 7:26 am (on 7/26). Out of the 6 she is the only kid I remember the exact time, I would have to look the others up. Scheduled c-section started at 7 she was out at 7:26 and it was July 26. Can't forget that one!  

This year I treated each girl to a pedi and of course a Starbucks. It was a win for me too!  This was Alexa's first one ever. So much fun being spoiled.
Then she wanted to go to the mall with Jay and I and out to lunch at the Perch. While at the mall she finally got her ear's pierced. The older 2 girls got their's done when they were 5 but Alexa has no pain tolerance. I think it was good for her to wait and she was very surprised and said it didn't hurt. She picked some pretty cross earrings and it very excited!

Next up was lunch at the Perch. What a neat little restaurant! We definitely need to go back when the weather is cooler. They are a restaurant and they rescue birds. Right up Alexa's alley!

Even though they have long passed the ages 3,2,1 and now even 10,9,8; for the next two months they are once again my rocket ship....13, 12,11.
Alexa doesn't really like our traditional giant cookie or cake and because the weather is so hot we opted for fruit and stuck candles in a watermelon. She loved it!!  Then it was time for youth group. Tonight was the first night back, after a 5 week summer break, and Alexa is now officially part of it.

 My Christ loving, crazy, wonderful, full of energy, great sense of humor, loving, hugging, tell you how it is, sweet Alexa......Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Second Week

         Getting ready to start our 2nd week and already a BIG change of plans. We are adding 2 more students to our Planted Oaks Academy!! My sis-in-law is moving to Arizona with my niece and nephew and are goin to live with us for  a little while. She asked if I would help her homeschool them.  So crazy weekend of scheduling and trying to get it to all work out. My schedule looks like one big jigsaw puzzle but I think it will work.  They have always attended school but are looking forward to homeschooling.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Our First Week Back

        One of the benefits of starting school back in July is it gives us a few solid weeks before all of our other extra curricular activities start up. So it was a pretty quiet week at home and we were able to follow our schedule and make tweaks as necessary. Not too many pictures just busy teaching and learning. Joshua is doing really well with his new classes and block schedule. He really seems to like foundations and it is teaching him about his learning styles..
       The younger ones are enjoying science and history. Lots of fun experiments and hands on activities. Jadon and Natasha were pretty excited their math books didn't come in until Friday. They just did timed tests all week.  I have started a book club for Savannah and Alexa this year. So for reading we are reading the first book in it From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I think the nicest thing has been finishing everyday by 2 or 2:30. I am really glad about that because as soon as sports start up we will probably be leaving by 3:00.  Over all I think it was a good first week back with minor distractions. This next week we are working on them taking turns prepping snacks and lunch. :)
          I only have a few pictures. Friday we did several science experiments learning about matter and density.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Personal Bible study

For my own personal Bible study I am using an app on my phone called First 5. I am really enjoying it mainly because I have been able to stick with it! You can set alarms from the app. Mine is set at 7am. If I am up before it goes off I can make some coffee and sit at the table by myself and read it. Otherwise I just lay in bed and read it that works too! It is a simple for meaningful plan to follow and it get me in the Word first thing each morning which has not always been the case.

I am sharing this because I was reminded once again how God is in the details! This current study is in Ruth, Esther and Song of Songs. Monday was our first day of school and Monday's Bible study was in Esther. It was 9:20-32. After the scripture reading there is always a short devotional. Reading through the devotional one of the other verses they tied in was Isaiah 61:1-3.  Look at the top of my blog!!  That verse is our school verse! Of all the verses to be used in connection with the study today. I just felt peace and comfort of God talking to me about our first day back to school.  How cool is that!!  You should go check out this devotional and join in if you don't have one you are currently using.

Monday, July 17, 2017

First day of school

 We have O'fish'ally started back to school today!  :)   The kids were actually pretty excited to start back today (we shall see how long it lasts). 

 The kids were looking forward to breakfast and to see how I decorated the table.  I wanted to make it special for our first day. I looked up some table settings on pinterest and then on Saturday I happened to go by Target and struck gold. In the dollar section there were so many cute back to school decorations. There were even $3.00 fidget spinners!

 The Smartie container says: "Have a great first day Smartie Pants" and the gold fish says: "You are O'fish'ally back in school".
 They each had some new notebooks, a fidget spinner and a pack of gum in their seats.
We had oatmeal bake for breakfast and then we were ready to get started!

 Joshua is on a block schedule. We started it at the end of last year and it works really well for him. He stays on track and more focused.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Curriculum for the othe 4

Image result for curriculum clipl art

The other 4 kids pretty much all use the same curriculum just at different levels. So here is what we are doing this year.

Image result for picture smart bible   I LOVE this curriculum!! At the homeschool convention last year I bought the cd of both the Old and New Testament. I print off as needed. Last year we completed about 9 books of the Bible. So I have 9 more planned for this year. We spend the first 30 minutes of each day working on our coloring pages, I even do one myself. It keeps all the kids engaged and we are learning a lot.

Image result for Math u see This year I have switched everyone over to Math U See. I was using Horizon but was having to switch at Pre- Algebra anyways so everyone switched this year. We are using Beta, Gama, Delta and Epsilon. I love the video lessons and how quickly the kids can move through it.

   For Science we are going to attempt to do two this year. Savannah really wanted to do the Chemistry and Physics before going into Physical Science next year and we are do Ocean creatures in a co-op. That co-op won't start till October so we are trying to get through a lot of the Chemistry book before then. I am excited to do both they both seem to have a lot of fun experiments and hands on activities.

For History this year we are starting with Arizona State History and actually doing this with Joshua as well (just upping the assignments for him). I found these little booklets at Lakeshore learning and I really like it. Then we will either continue with Mystery of History or do a geography unit on the world and cultures. I haven't decided yet.

  For Reading and Language we are continuing to use Easy Peasy. I really like it for it's simplicity but thoroughness and how it teaches the writing process.  Each kid is at their own level.  We are also using EP for Art and Thinking games this year. I think the kids will really like it.

For Spelling we are continuing with All About Spelling. With having some struggling spellers and readers I really like this program. It is sequential and logical and teaches the rules not just a spelling list to memorize.

Now the kids will also have co-op and book club to round out our year. So here we go with a 2nd, 4th, 6th and a 7th grader!! 

9th Grade Curriculum

Image result for 9th grade

 Another one in High School......Oh My!  I have spent a few weeks over the summer working on curriculum this year. For Joshua I planned out his whole first semester and he is working on a block schedule. He does math and language everyday the rest of his subjects he does two days worth every other day. I think this will work well for him and help keep him focused.
 Image result for bible BIBLE- Joshua is reading through the whole Bible on his own. He has a deal with his dad that when this is accomplished he will get a cell phone. For ease and accountability he is using All in one High School following the days and then journaling.

 Image result for math u see algebra 1
                                     MATH- He is using Math U See. Joshua is currently in in Algebra 1 and he would like to get into Geometry this year. I LOVE Math U See, especially the teaching videos. LOL

 Image result for apologia biology
                                      BIOLOGY- He is using Apologia Biology. Joshua completes each module at home and then will meet in a co-op twice a month to complete the labs.

    Image result for state history net    AZ HISTORY- All of us together are working on a mini unit of Arizona State History. I am using as a starting point and then planning my own things along the way.

  Image result for all in one homeschool    ENGLISH- Easy Peasy All-In-One-High School, 9th grade course

                                              WORLD HISTORY-  Easy Peasy All-In-One-High School
                                               FOUNDATIONS-   Easy Peasy All-In-One-High School Joshua is taking this course as an elective. I wish I had found it when Anastasia had started high school. It is a great course for freshman all on study skills, how to learn, time management and more.
 Image result for pe
                                                                P.E.-  Joshua is doing the 7 minute work out phone app each day. He will also participate in a pe class at co-op and in the fall he wants to try out for basketball.


   CO-OP- In our co-op Joshua will be taking World Religions, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace and Portraits of Integrity

He also is in a boys book club for the 4th year and it will be his last year participating in First Lego League.

Welcome to High School!