Friday, April 30, 2010

Life Happenings.....

Life Happenings.....

These last couple of weeks have just been busy keeping up with life, a husband, 6 kids, homeschooling, co-op, church activities, house hold chores. I just have a bad case of spring fever and am having a hard time concentrating on anything. I seem to be fliting from one thing to the next just barely keeping my head above water. In school it has been just the basics no extra frills, the house is a never ending battle with laundry and dishes. Awana is going great and coming to an end so I have been getting all that "stuff" ready.

Also the weather is so beautiful right now I just want to be outside and on the go.

Whew I guess I sound like I am whining and I feel like I have been whining lately. So when this starts to happen to me I have to re-evaluate and see what is going on.... Number one I have had no quite time with the Lord or focused Bible study. Ok I might get 5 minutes in the bathroom. Number 2 I have also been off a schedule and I am a schedule person (I at least need a basic daily routine).

This is why I have been so quiet on my blog lately....I pull it up and start to type and the can't stay focused I have lots to share and write about I just need to do it!

So if you read this just pray for me right now. I know this is just a season and I love my life, my husband and my kids.... I just have a bad case of Spring Fever!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Pictures

These were just too cute and I wanted to share them:

Yes, she actually fell asleep like this sitting up on the couch.

Tasha put this "outfit" on all by herself and stayed like this most of the morning. Be sure and notice the mismatched, too big, shoes as well.

My smiley boy! So cute!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Savannah is 5

5 Years Old!!

5 is one of those milestone birthdays and in our family we celebrated big time with Savannah!  For Savannah turing 5 means getting ready to start kindergarten, no more naps (well maybe on some days still ) and getting ears pierced.

We started the celebrating on Saturday with a party at the zoo with friends.  A few of Savannah's friends met us there for waterplay, cupcakes and of course seeing some animals.

Anastasia made the cupcakes (P for princess with a crown on top)

Savannah, Alexa and two of their friends from co-op

More friends at the zoo 

A free ice cream treat

Then on Sunday we continued the celebration with family.  After church both sets of grandparents met us for lunch at a Chinese food place (Savannah's choice). 

Ice cream for dessert. 

A card from Papa Jack and Grandma Donna 

I was not very good at getting pictures with everyone this time.

After we ate we all went to Claire's so Savannah could get her ears pierced.  She did great!!!!  There was only one lady working so she had to pierce the ears one at a time and Savannah didn't even cry.  There was a lot of blinking but no tears. 

getting ready!



she did it! 


After the ear piercing Papaw and Grandma Carson took Savannah to Wal-mart to pick out a new bike.  Well that was the plan anyways....and let's just say 4 other kids also came home with early birthday gifts as well.

 Getting all the bikes!  Alexa wasn't shy at all she wanted to ride hers through the store. 



Thank you Pawpa and Grandma!

Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Savannah Joy. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jadon is 5 Months Old

Jadon is 5 months old and so much fun. He is rolling all over the place and he laughs and coos at us. I started giving him baby cereal. He didn't even spit it out or gag or anything. He just gobbled it right down and leaned in for more! Now the kids all fight over who gets to feed him. :)








Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Track Meet

I have never been to a track meet before so this was a first for even me. There are three middle schools in our area and they all take a turn hosting the meets. We had Anastasia ride the school bus with her team to the other school. It was her first time on one. She thought it was REALLY BIG! LOL I told her when I was her age I had to ride one an hour to school and an hour home! UGH!

Anastasia was running in the 800meter (which is a half a mile/twice around the track) Her event was one of the last ones. SHE DID GREAT! She didn't come in first (she was closer to last but was not last!) She ran with out stopping even with her hurt groin (which is doing better)

So for her first track meet I think she did awesome and now she is excited to keep practicing for the next one.

Tasha cheering on her big sissy!

She definetly has a runner's body!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Weather

The weather here has been beautiful lately and we are trying to take advantage of it before summer kicks in. I know the rest of the US is looking forward to summer after this past winter but here in Arizona we hibernate during the summer. We had a nice relaxing weekend with out a lot going on for a change!

We try to spend Sunday evenings doing family activities and everyone wanted to go outside and play so out back we went. We played swords, nerf guns and soccer. Actually Jay, Anastasia and Joshua played soccer while Savannah, Alexa and I cheered them on.

We love spending time in our back yard and right now it needs some TLC. The summer grass is starting to come back and is sprouting up. The trees are finally getting leaves back on. The growing ivy on the back wall didn't surrive the frost this winter so this week we are going to go buy some more to plant and we are also going to start a small garden. The kids are so excited. I hope we are actually able to grow some things. Our back yard should be back up to being green and colorful soon!!

Does anyone have any gardening tips? We will be planting in our back retaining wall.

Joshua and his sword!!! Watch out!

Jay and I shooting the nerf guns. They are quite fun to play with.

The girls playing soccer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

We had a really nice Easter and my kids looked so nice in their outfits and did I get any really good pictures......No! Jay and Joshua stayed the night at church in the motorhome because of all the sound equipment that was set up on the outside stage for the services. Anastasia got a ride to church to be there early because she was singing in the choir. So that left me with the four little ones to get ready. That part actually went pretty smooth and we even made our yearly treat of resurrection rolls before Anastasia left. We had no intention of trying to make it to the sunrise service this year. Maybe in a year or two. Our church was just having one big outdoor service at 10:00 and we made it in plenty of time! Well my kids don't pose nicely when it is too bright and sunny out so I gave up on getting pictures outside with them all together. But I did get a couple:

See what I mean! LOL

We do believe in arranged marriages.

Jay led the choir in a contada for the Easter service. There was one song that all the kids participated in .

I really try to down play the easter bunny and instead focus on Christ and what He did for us on the cross. I don't know I just have issues with the easter bunny but not Santa, go figure. Anyways,this year I found some great activties and devotionals to do each day from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. We didn't get to do them all but I would like to try to next year.

Ok so the Easter bunny does come and visit but he comes while we are at church. That way we can all be together. We got home around 12:30 after stacking chairs and helping bring things back into the church by that time the girls hair was not the greatest and everyone was hot so again no great pictures.

This is a picture of the campfire that daddy and Joshua had the night before. Jay tries really hard to take at least one or two kiddos with him when he goes up to the church and works and what not. It is important to him to spend that time with the kids and this was a great time for him and Joshua. It also gives me a little break when I need it.

When we got home they all raced in to see what they had in their baskets.

The bigger kids each got a piggy bank, bubbles, sidewalk chalk candy of course and a webkinz (sidenote: we scored right after Christmas and stumbled across the webkinz at walgreens and they were on sale for $5.00!!) Natasha got a Dora The Explorer movie. She loves Dora and it is sooo cute to hear her sing the Dora song! Jadon just got some biter biscuits which he will be ready for soon.

Here are some pictures I was able to take:

I almost forgot each of the kids also got their own green cereal bowl. You are probably saying what?? The story behind it is this: At my baby shower my mom brought me some banana pudding in a green cereal bowl. (just a plastic, cheap bowl, but I love her banana pudding!) and ever since then the kids fight to have that bowl. Now mind you we have other cheap cereal bowls in a variety of colors but they all fight for that one. (Seriously!! ). Well now they each have their own and I need to give grandma back hers. LOL

Papa and grandma joined us for church and lunch. We were so tired when we got home Jay just cooked up a yummy chicken stir fry, the girls played and took naps, Joshua and Papa played some legos and we just lounged around the rest of the day.

"He is not here, for He has risen..." Matthew 28:6