Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

We colored eggs early this weeks because we knew the end of the week would get crazy with Jay needing to get ready for the outdoor Easter services at church.  The pictures make everything look great but what you don't see is the fact that I didn't cook the eggs long enough the first time.  One cracked and was gooey.    So I put them all back in the pan and cooked them longer.  Then Alexa accidently knocked over the cup of blue coloring and it went everywhere!!!  I finally got that cleaned up and I had had my fill of fun for the evening.    Oh well the kids still enjoyed it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little League Season Comes To An End

Today was the closing ceremonies for little league.  They had the all star game and a picnic followe by the distribution of awards.  Joshua did a great job this year playing coach pitch baseball.  I am so glad this season was earlier here as we got to sit outside and enjoy the games with out sweating to death.  His team started out not so great and they really improved over the season.  During the last game they did great at hitting and fielding.  Jay was the team coach and said he would do it again next year.  He liked the kids some of the parents however......

You were awesome Joshua and we are so proud of you!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look Who's 4 Months Old!

Isn't he a cutie!! 

The dark spots on his outfits are compliments of drool!  LOL

Got milk?

Someone always has to get in the picture with me!

Jadon has settled in and found his rightful place in our family.  (Right in the center of our hearts)  He is rolling now and loves to be entertained by his brother and sisters.  He will cackle laugh and smile and coo.  I must say though he is our fussiest baby but I think we are getting it figured out.  He is very sensitive to what I eat so I have to watch everything  I eat or he spits up a lot.  He does not always like to ride in the car but he gets quiet when Jay plays Skillet.  I kid you not he cries (really loud) in the car and Jay will turn on the music and he stops.  He does love his baths and sleeping next to mom of course.  Now we are working on sleeping more during the night, mama needs more sleep.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Today we went to the Arboretum with our Co-op group.  This was the first time Jay has been able to join us on this trip.  Everything was in bloom due to all the rain we have been having.  I didn't get too many pictures because Anastasia took the camera with her.  She went on the "bird tour" with the older kids and we went on the "tree tour" with the younger kids.  After the tour we went to the picnic area and had lunch.  All the kids were great on the tour and it was hard for some of the boys because they were told they could not pick up rocks, sticks or even squish bugs.  Talk about little boys needing self control in this type of environment.   So during lunch time they made up for it by "exploring" all around.  hehehe

Monkeys in the trees

Track and Field

Anastasia has been wanting to do track for awhile now so I contacted the local school here and got her signed up.  They have been really nice and seem to not have a problem with her joining even though she is homeschooled.  Her first practice was today.  Now Anastasia has participated in lots of different things over the years but WOW!  I have never been so nervous about dropping her off.  I guess I felt what mom's feel like dropping their kids off on the first day of kindergarten.    She of course was fine, it was just me.  Memories of jr. high came flooding back and not all good mind you.  I picked her up an hour later (yes practice was only an hour ) and she did great.  I think track is really her "thing" 

I am so proud of you Anastasia!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our School Room

I am So Excited!!!  After waiting patiently for almost a year I finally got the shelving unit I have been wanting.  It is the 5x5 cubbie unit shelf sold by Ikea.  At Ikea the shelf with the desk is $250.00 so I have been looking for it on craigslist.  Well there was one listed finally when I had the funds.  I was able to buy this unit practically brand new for $100.00.  Whoo hoo!  My dear hubby borrowed a trailer and helped me go get it or rather I helped him. 

This "little" project took 3 days to complete.  The three bookshelves and a two door white cabinet that were in the school room got completely emptied out and the shelves got moved up to our craft room.  So this started me sorting and deep cleaning everything in the school room.  It was long and tedious but ooohh sooo worth it.  I love it, love it love it!!! 

I didn't realize how closed off the school room was before and now it is so open and we have a lot more floor space.

Here is the shelf.  I couldn't back up that far to get a straight on picture.  On the far right I moved all their tubs.  I need to get one for Tasha now.  (They still need to clean out their tubs)

This is a view into the room.  Jay also finally hung my white board.

This is to the left as you walk in.  We got rid of the computer desk and just use this table now.

This is still the same I just moved their tubs off of here and put the puzzles and other stuff.Anastasia and Joshua's workboxes

A view going out of the room

Savannah and Alexa's workboxes.  (When Savannah starts kindergarten she is going to get her own shelf and then Alex and Tasha will share)

My next project now is to put rain gutter bookshelves under the white board.  Have you seen these before?  Check out this Site and you can also google "rain gutter bookshelves".  I will post pictures when they are done.

Spring Break....don't go to the zoo

Note to self: A perk of homeschooling and having a yearly zoo pass is that we don't ever have to go to the zoo during spring break!!

Oh my I had a the bright idea of taking the kids to the zoo today since we are having our spring break as well. Well everyone else in the state (at least it looked that way ) had the same idea. I should have known with the parking lot being full and people were parking a ways a way and walking. We took one look at the zoo outside of the zoo and said "no thanks". So I took the kids to a nearby park and we had our lunch and walked around and played for awhile. I decided to try and get some nice outdoor pics of the kids. We will go back to the zoo in a week or so when everyone else is back in school.

I love this picture! Anastasia took it.

My boys!