Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Oldest Baby!!!

12....12.....12 years old! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital!

Jay and I gave Anastasia her gift early this year so she could enjoy it for Christmas. She got a new tree, lights and some ornaments. Anastasia has always had her own little tree for her ornaments since she has so many with being a Christmas Eve baby. Now she has a new big one and the other girls are excited because they get her old one.

On her birthday morning she got to open a gift from her brothers and sisters....

They got her the Twlight book. She had been reading someone else's and really likes it. Now to be honest I was struggling with letting her read these but she has never really liked to read and this is a 400 page book that she is reading and enjoying and to see her excited about reading was so cool for me because I am and always have been an avid reader.

We will be having a party later in January. We wanted to seperate it from Christmas some and make sure I am fully recovered in order to host a giggling, pre-teen sleep over at our house.

So in honor of turing 12 here are 12 wonderful and/or unique things about Anastasia:

1) Anastasia loves God with all her heart!

2) Anastasia has a passion for all animals.

3) Anastasia is an awesome big sister who truly loves playing with her brother and sisters.

4) Anastasia has a servant heart and is always willing to help others no matter what.

5) Anastasia is pretty good at playing the guitar.

6) Anastasia is very open and honest.

7) I love watching her easily interact with all different people of all different ages with such ease.

8) Anastasia cherishes her friendships.

9) Anastasia loves to run and wants to try out for Track this spring.

10) Anastasia is an awesome help to me and is always willing to pitch in and get things done.

11) Anastasia has a great sense of humor and knows how to make me laugh.

12) and lastly I think she is very excited about becoming a teenager because she kept reminding me that in only 365 more days she will be 13!

I love you

Happy Birthday!

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