Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Fun New House

As we have been getting settled in our new home and neighborhood we have taken some time to get out and about and also just have some fun at home.

We have gone to the park and enjoyed playing outdoors before the heat kicks in.

We have started enjoying the pool.  It has been too cold for me to get in but the kids have been begging since we moved in.  I let them swim and they insist on telling me how they are not cold even as their lips are blue and teeth are chattering.  Lol

One night after 8pm we surprised the kids and told them to get in the car we were going for a surprise.  We went to Sonic for milk shakes (after 8pm they are half price!  Whoo!  Hoo!)

One Friday night the kids (all except Anastasia) wanted to have a sleep over together.  So they all piled in the boys room with pillows and blankets and they had a grand ol' time!  As I was choosing these pictures I came across another picture from another sleep over they had about 5 years ago....look at the last picture.

My babies were so little this was before Natasha and Jadon.  These 4 had a sleep over in the little girls room.  SO CUTE!!!

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