Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to a Routine......Kind of

We got back to school on January 4th (co-op) so we started at home on January 5th. We have taken it easy the first two weeks but the kids have still gotten quite a bit done. We are slowly getting into the swing of things with adding Jadon into our routine. One major thing we have changed is that Anastasia has started using Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) curriculum. It is done on the computer and so far it has been working really well. It is making her more independant and keeping her focused and I can work with the others. I think we will definetly check it out for 7th grade as well at the homeschool convention this summer.

The other kids are finishing up their life cycle unit and the girls are still working on the letter J and T. We didn't start anything new yet. I told them if they worked hard the next two weeks we could go to the Zoo on Friday the 15th. Papa and Grandma Donna got us a family pass for this year. We are so excited. I think I needed the motivation myself to keep on track! I am having a hard time and just keep fliting from one thing to the next and not accomplishing much. So we will see.

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