Friday, January 29, 2010

School Things....


Routine?? Schedule?? We are having a hard time following either of these. We are good for about two days and then life happens. School is still happening, just where ever we can squeeze it in somedays.

Anastasia has made her own number pictures for her workboxes, (See picture below). I fill her boxes with her disks for Switched on School House (which by the way is awesome and frees me up some and keeps her focused) in her other boxes are math, Awana, typing and some fun activities like sewing and drawing.The pictures are from Twlight and New Moon

We have finished our Life Cycle unit finally and even got the lapbooks togeher. I need to take pictures still. I am now trying to put together a unit on Medieval times with Knights and Castles. I want to try some Notebooking this time. We need a break from lapbooks (at least I do). We are on the search for large appliance boxes in order to make a huge castle in our front room. We will also be going to the Rennissance Festival later this month. As I get the unit together I will share what we are doing.

Here are some fun things I have added to their workboxes:

These are great printables from I was so excited to find these as we have pattern blocks but no cards and they are quite pricy to by. Well these can be downloaded and printed for free so I printed them on cardstock and the kids love them.

The next activty was found courtsey our game closet (maybe I should go clean it out and see what else I can find. LOL) Joshua brought down this game I had forgotten about and him and Savannah can do it. It is Rush Hour Jr. it is an awesome game for logic, skill and critical thinking. I think we are going to get Rush Hour for a family Valentine's gift.

Joshua took his first spelling test and got 100%. That lead me to share my latest discovery with you all. Some awesome spelling sites. I found spelling curriculum for free along with a great website for practicing. is an incredible site/blog that I have just begun to explore. Go to this page specifically for the spelling sites. I love

Ok I think that catches us up on school happenings. I will post the letter of the week pages as soon as I take the pictures.

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