Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Camping Part 2

After Church Sunday we came back to Jutem's house, loaded up and headed out to South Carlsbad State Beach. It is only about 15 minutes from their house. The camping is up on a bluff above the beach. So we backed the motor home into our spot and this first picture here was our view from the bed of the motor home:

How incredible is that!

We got our camping area all set up and then took a walk down to the beach. We had to just stay at the bottom of the stairs because the tide was really coming in high and close.

Setting up Jutem and Brian's tent.

Our picnic table and fire pit.


WA... WA... (Notice the jackets it was great!!)

Anastasia and Chance aren't they beautiful!!

My beautiful daughter

Going for our walk.

Down the steps to the ocean.

Sunday afternoon we only took a quick walk then came back up to watch the georgeous sunset. Brian grilled us some steaks, Jay played his guitar, we of course made s'mores and then we all went to bed pretty early.

Monday was filled with looong walks along the beach, roasting hot dogs, just hanging out and even napping. It was wonderful.

Notice our motor home at the top of this picture.

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