Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gotta Say Y-E-S to VBS

There are three things we do every summer.....swim, go to the movies, and Vacation Bible School. This year for VBS we were on Saddle Ridge Ranch, rounding up questions, driving home answers. This was the first year I did not teach a class in I don't know how long. I opted to just be a floater since I had both Natasha and Jadon to contend with. Well the Lord knew this needed to be the case because during VBS week the stomach bug decided to visit our house again! NOOOOO! Let's just say Tasha was having issues at both ends for most of the week and I will leave it at that and spare you the details. The other kids were fine and attended all week. They were fine until after parents night anyways and then both Savannah and Alexa spent the night taking turns throwing up in our bathroom. (I will be greatful that they were each able to make it to the bathroom! lol)

Anyways here are some cute pictures to share. Anastasia is already looking forward to next year because she will be old enough to be a helper so I told her I would teach and she could help decorate the room.

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