Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movie Madness

Tonight was the big night.....at least for Anastasia that is. :) She has been waiting and planning for weeks for Eclipse to come out. She invited 5 other friends to come stay the night, dress in character and all go to the movie together. The theater had a special night of showing all three movies in the series ending with Eclipse at mid-night.

I wasn't able to take them due to still nursing Jadon and I also wouldn't survive staying up that late! Jay was lucky enough to be the chaperon (lol). He was a good sport and even had a good time. The first movie started at 7:00 but they got there by 5:30 in order to get seats all together because it was sold out.

They finally got home around 2:30ish am. and they slept until about 10:00 then I made pancakes for everyone

I know people have all differing opinions about the books and movies and we keep Anastasia in check with it all. She has a good group of friends that were just all having fun with it and taking nothing serious. (Except probably ooogling at the boys and arguing Team Jacob was way better than Team Edward.) ;0 What a fun summer memory!

The Cast!

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