Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anastasia's Party

It's official we have a teenager in the house!!! And we couldn't be more blessed!!!
Anastasia decided to have a Christmas theme for her party and it works great since the house is all decorated. ;)
She made the cake herself. I know it sounds bad that she made her own cake but she really enjoys making them. And she does a great job!!

Happy Birthday to Anastasia!

Our family! Anastasia's brothers and sisters simple adore her!


The Girls.
Anastasia and I were talking and I need to post some of her pictures over the years side by side because she has been friends with some of these girls since she was four and five years old! They have all grown up so much!
The games for the party were all Christmas based. For goodie bags the girls did a white elephant gift exchange. (we provided all the gifts) They also had a snowball fight, Arizona style with marshmallows in the back yard. They played a Rudolph game which was great fun to watch and they had a cotton ball relay. I think everyone had a great time!

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