Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jadon's Birthday (and Thanksgiving)

We have another terrific TWO year old in the house once again!! Jadon is such a delight to us all. He is such a ham and makes us all laugh all the time. This year his birthday happened to be the day before Thanksgiving which is fitting because he is our little Turkey! So we had two fabulous days of celebrating this wonderful little man!

Love this picture!

Some of Jadon's Favorite things:

1. He loves to fight with swords and bop it sticks. He will sneak up behind you and get you when you least expect it.

2. Somehow he picked up the word "need" instead of "want". So he will say, "Mama, I need my milk. Mama I need food. etc it is so funny.

3. He is already speaking full sentences.

4. He plays the I love you game. He will say I love you in three different tones.

5. He loves Diego, Woody and Buzz, and Cars

6. He already has a great sense of humor and will try and scare people and loves to play games with his brother and sisters.

What a wonderful BOY!!!!

So on his birthday morning we let him open the gift from us:

It was this Cars chair. He loves it! He would sit in it though for the longest time because he wanted to just look at the back of it (where his back goes) and see the picture. He calls it "my cars chair".

Then that night we went to Zoo Lights at the Phoenix zoo. It is a tradition for our family and this happened to be a member's preview night so it wasn't too crowded. Especially since it was the night before Thanksgiving.

Papa and Grandma came with us.

Then the next day (Thanksgiving) the celebration continued. Along with our pie for dessert we had Jadon's birthday cake, which Anastasia made. For the last few weeks, every time I light a candle in the house, Jadon shouts "birthday cake" and he tries to blow it out. So when it was time for his actual cake he was very excited. He even joined in in singing Happy Birthday. ;)


Papaw and Grandma with all the grand kids.

Ummmm.....Yea......caught in the act.....we better watch out! LOL

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