Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Freddy The Elf

The kids were eager with anticipation this year expecting the arrival of Freddy (our elf) once again. We put up our tree on Thanksgiving night and sure enough the next day a package arrived from the North Pole. The kids could hardly stand that they were not allowed to open the box and it just had to sit under our tree. LOL When the woke up the next morning and came down stairs Freddy was sitting in our tree ( pictured above).

As you can see from all the pictures below, Freddy was quite the mischievous prankster this year. We also had to set a new rule that if you were the first one up and found Freddy you were not allowed to tell anyone else where he was, so that everyone got a chance to find him. Jadon even caught on and would be excited to find Freddy each morning.

He too the place of the Angel

Fishing in our fish tank

Tp'd Anastasia's tree

He left kisses under the mistletoe

Made the kids pics look like Rudolph

Reading the Christmas story from Luke

Threw our stockings on the floor and hung two on the fan and put dirty socks in their place.

He went with us to the Polar Express

He tried to put on Joseph's Coat of many colors and use David's sling shot from our Jesse Tree.

He made a snow angel from sugar to go with our gingerbread houses.

Christmas Eve morning he was found on top of the computer monitor with a note. There was a special email video for each of the kids from Santa. Through out the day on Christmas Eve they all took turns say good-bye to Freddy (numerous times). They were very sad to see him leave.

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