Monday, April 16, 2012


.....Moving......that's all I really have to say about that!!!   LOL  I absolutely loathe moving but you might not know that from all the times we have actually moved!  This move was really bitter-sweet.  We had actually been in Casa Grande just over 3 years! (Hard to believe I know!)  Moving into that house we thought we would be there a lot longer and it was a great house for our size family.  Well it was time to move back to the valley and try and find a house in the area we are going to be serving in.  It's a bit different though this time because Jay will be working full time and church planting part-time full time.  ;)

 So we now live as far west as you can get and still be part of the east valley!  It took a couple of weeks of house hunting, as we are having to downsize considerably but we finally found a house that we can live with.  (Not our favorite but it works well for us now and knowing that it gets us back up here and we can search out houses so when we are ready to buy again we can take some time looking).  The house is considerably smaller but it actually fits us well and we needed to purge a lot of stuff anyways!  We are so excited to have a pool that we were willing to overlook other things.  However, the pool does take up the entire back yard so we will see how we do this winter.  Luckily there is a big park nearby and we are all getting bicycles.  We are actually close to everything now and our drive to go anywhere is cut by 30-40min.  That will be so nice!

Moving with us doesn't just happen in 2 days, no the last couple of moves have dragged out by at least a week.  We were blessed that someone loaned us their 33 foot enclosed trailer to use. And we also had several guys with muscles that helped too!  :)   We filled the trailer 3 times plus countless trips with the suburban.....  But alas we finally got everything moved, had two yard sales, countless things donated to goodwill and a bulk trash pick up.  I have to say the hardest of it was parting with my baby stuff and maternity clothes.  It was time to bless someone else with all of that instead of hanging onto it.  So I donated it all to the Crisis pregnancy center. 

I am amazed I even took pictures because I was not in the mood for that!  And as you can see in the pictures the kids were ever so helpful with riding up and down the ramp on their scooters.  LOL

   We have a lot of stuff but Jay's desk and the treadmill had to go up stairs.......yea..... at least the piano and hide-a-bed stay downstairs.  LOL

Give us about a week to get most stuff settled in and then we need to finish up the school year.  Then I am sure over the summer there will be more purging going on!

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