Friday, August 17, 2012

School Room Week

New house equals new school room for us.....I miss the size of my other school room but this is working. We have never really sat all day in our school room anyways to work.  It is just kind of a starting place and then we hop from desks, to kitchen table, to couches and even the floor.  Still I like a place to house all our stuff and for hanging things. ;)

Our school room is now in what would be a formal dining room.  It is a much smaller place but it works.  The girls desks are upstairs in the hallway.  Now ask me if they every sit at them to do schoolwork. LOL  But I am not willing to part with them yet.  They like to play at them and store "stuff" in them.    Joshua's desk is in his room but he prefers the kitchen table.  Anastasia works in her room most of the day.  It is downstairs right next to the school room. So it is quiet for her but close enough to still be part of things if need be.
Here is a picture of my school room on a typical day.  I didn't clean it up for the picture.  Uggh...maybe I should have.  :)    I still love workboxes but this year I have changed things up a bit to work better for us and the space we have.  The shelving unit on the left is one of those Ikea Expedit cubbie shelves it is a 5X5.  Anastasia and Joshua house their school work in one of the cubbies this year.  They have enough extra work and like to do things in order so they have assignment check off sheets that I made up. Joshua likes to pile or stack all of his work on the table and then work through it so a cubbie works much better. The other 4 still have workboxes.  Natasha and Jadon still each only have 6.  (Theirs are in the back under the window, between the couch and blue book shelf)  I MUST fill Natasha's EVERY day or she is not happy!!!   She loves doing school and her activities.  And she flies through them.  It is hard keeping her busy!!  Jadon's is filled with activities  that one of his siblings can do with him when they have a break or are waiting for me. Savannah and Alexa's workboxes are side by side at the end of the school table .  They each have 12 but usually only 9 are filled.  Also this year the first 6 stay in the same order according to our routine and then I add some in the bottom ones as extras.
So that is our school room for this year.
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