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So what exactly do we do all day??  Glad you asked.  This is my 4th entry for the "Not Back to School Blog hop found at  

I am a scheduler.  I have a LOVE/Hate relationship with schedules.....I LOVE to make them and follow them but I hate how they don't always get followed and life gets in the way.  HA HA!  Over the years I have learned (and am still learning) how to be flexible (not my middle name, but my husband's). You know how people always say "don't pray for patience"  because then you will be given thing to practice being patient with.  Well instead of patience mine is flexibility.  And with 6 kids a husband with 2 non traditional jobs (meaning not the typical 8-5) and one vehicle I get to practice flexibility ALL the time.  :)  I have learned over the years to just have more of a routine and not freak out by what time the clock says.

This year we are in a season of trying to stay home regularly during the school day and focus on core  academics.  I am having to limit the number of field trips and outings, you know us unsocialized homeschoolers. (insert rolling of eyes).  Just the ages of kids this year and the struggle each of my kids seem to have with spelling and needing to practice reading.  Also we are not one of those families who can school from 9-noon and be done with everything.  Too many kids and just one of me so it takes a good chunk of our day.  At least my day anyways because the kids still get plenty of breaks but I need some one on one time each day with each one.

With out further ado here is our schedule.  Now mind you I finally came up with this about 2 weeks in to our schooling this year.  I needed to get a flow for how things were going.  So I typed this up and was all ready and excited to start it the next day when my hubby comes home and tells me he has to have band practice in our front room from 9:00-10:30 that next day!!!   Deep breaths....there is that nasty word again.....FLEXIBILITY.  Yes, I am so glad the Lord and my family have grace with me as I am definitely a work in progress. 

This is a schedule for the days we are home.  Tuesdays we are gone for PE from 9:30-11:30, Anastasia has Biology co-op every other Wednesday and Joshua has Chess club on Fridays from 9:30-11:30.  I don't make an evening schedule as that just fluxuates due to Jay's work schedule, Anastasia's volley ball, Awana's and Skate nights.  Evenings I can just go with the flow.  ;)

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:15- **Joshua and Savannah work on Journals and flash cards
                   **Natasha and Alex do calendar and letter of week with me
                     **Anastasia -  Bible till 9:35
9:15-10:30- **Workboxes
                      9:15-9:30- Alexa with me, Savannah work on Handwriting, Natasha and Jadon boxes
                      9:15-10:00 Joshua math                      **Anastasia – 9:40-10:30- Language
                      9:30-10:00- Savannah with me,  **Alexa, Natasha and Jadon boxes till 10:30
                      10:00-10:30- Joshua with me, Savannah math
10:30-11:00- Snack Break/ Swim laps
        10:35-11:25- Anastasia History with me
11:00-11:25- Language with Savannah and Alexa----Joshua Daily Gram
11:25-12:10- Science with little ones--  Anastasia - Math
12:10- Clean up for lunch
12:15-12:45- Lunch
12:45-1:35- Anastasia Science
1:00-1:40-  History
1:40-2:00- Bible with Savannah and Alexa -  Joshua Bible-  Anastasia Health
2:00-2:45- Joshua Reading , Anastasia finish health and do vocab and spelling.

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