Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My 40th Birthday

Wow, the big 40!  I knew this day was coming and wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel.  It is a milestone birthday that I am grateful to celebrate but at the same time it is bothering me some.  :)  These last 20 years have flown by!! 
I insisted on not having a big party.  I like giving them for others but I did not really want one myself. My family still spoiled me though.  I woke up early and Nikki took me out to breakfast at Paradise Bakery. Then when I came home my family spoiled me with a bunch of gifts (a new purse, flat iron and jewelry).  Then we went over to the Roger's house and hung out for awhile and then our families went out to pizza at Peter Piper Pizza.  HA HA!  But it was fun.

After we spent the afternoon with the kids, us adults then went to a movie and dinner.  It was a wonderful birthday spent with the people I love

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