Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The week or so before Halloween the kids and I went shopping to find some costumes and costume parts.  One of the days I took them to Goodwill and we were looking all around .  While we were there, Anastasia went off to another section of the store with Jadon and a mom and son came up to her.  They said as part of a church activity they were looking to bless someone else and they wanted to give her $50.00!!!  So she had them come back over to me and we could both tell by their reaction that they first thought Jadon was her son.  ;(  but they still wanted to give her the money!  It was a total blessing to Anastasia and I told her "It really does pay to shop at Good will"  LOL  So between Goodwill, our dress up tub and a couple other stores we found everyone a costume.
Halloween morning we made face pancakes.

Then for school we weighed, measured, counted seeds and carved our pumpkins.

The kids actually got to dress up two nights in a row.  The first night another local church was having a trunk or treat and I took them to that  and then on Halloween Papa and Grandma came over and took them around our neighborhood.

And of course the next day's math was sorting, counting and graphing our candy!

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