Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Joshua's Surgery

Joshua's dental x-ray's have always shown that he has had an extra front tooth.  He lost his two front, baby teeth but they have not grown in yet so it was finally time to go in and remove the extra front tooth (that is up in his gums with his other permanent teeth).  He was scheduled for out patient surgery and I think Jay and I were both much more nervous than he was! However, I must say that his Dr. was wonderful in explaining everything and calming us down.

We were able to stay with Joshua until they wheeled him back to the OR and then Jay and I had to hang out in the waiting room.  It was a LONG hour and a half wait!!

The Dr. came out and told us everything went well and we could finally go back and see Josh. You gotta love the turban!  LOL  We waited with him about another hour to make sure no side affects from the anethesia.

We brought him straight home and he had some very concerned sisters who were ready to take care of him.  Savannah would not leave his side.  It was so sweet.  He laid around the rest of the day and recoeverd just fine.  Now hopefully the poor boy will get his two front teeth in the next couple of months.

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