Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Fun Filled Days at Disneyland

Monday started our first of five days at Disneyland. It was a great vacation for all of us and only a couple of minor melt downs. The park opened at 10:00am each day and closed at 8:00 this was perfect for us because the kids were settled down and in bed by 9:00 each night so no late nights. Each morning we at breakfast at the hotel and then walked over to DisneyLand/California Adventure. We packed our lunch each day and this helped so much!!! We saved a lot of money this way. Also we had told the kids for their souvenirs they could collect flat pennies. (They love these) We bought one book to hold them all and then when they came across the machines at different places they could each get one.

We spent all day Monday at Disneyland mainly going on the different rides. It was great because there were hardly any lines. I have a lot of pics to share but I am also missing a lot!! We brought the laptop with us and I downloaded pics from my memory card and on one of the days I must have copied over pics. I am so upset and trying not to think about what pictures got copied over!! Tuesday was spent all day at California Adventure with Jay's cousins, Wednesday we made the rounds to Tinkerbell, The Princesses, Jedi Training, and Mickey and Minnie then of course more rides. Thursday we were back over in CA. Adventure taking it easy. We watched the Aladin play and let the kids play in the splash pad at the Bug's life area. By Friday we were tired!! We went back and fourth between the two parks. The best time was lunch at Goofy's kitchen! The characters were awesome. Our reservations were for 12:30 and they closed at 2:00 and then reopen for dinner. Well this was perfect timing because there was hardly anyone in there and the characters spent a lot of time at our table with the kids. Chip even sat at the table and wrote out a conversation with us. We stayed late that night to watch Fantasmic and the fireworks show. They were incredible!

I put together a slide show of some pictures highlighting our trip:

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