Friday, September 4, 2009

This Week and Workboxes


Ok I am feeling like a slacker this week! There I said it. The girls didn't get to do workboxes and they were fit to be tied!! Looking back over the week I realize we still did get quite a bit of schooling done but not our normal routine that we had been so good about doing lately.

Monday- was our science experiment day so that was good.

Tuesday- I had my dr. appt and other errands to run so I took the two girls with me and Anastasia and Joshua did get their basics done with Jay home.

Wednesday- I am having a hard time even remembering what we did. (Pregnancy brain! ) I know I ran more errands.

Thursday- Anastasia got in a full day of Home EC. She is helping some ladies from our church sew costumes for our walk thru Bethlehem that we will be having in December. It was also my birthday and I was in a weird mood all day. Birthdays have never bothered me before and I am greatful to have celebrated another one but this one bothered me. I guess I was thinking about this more than likely being our last baby and getting older and what. Anyways......

Friday- Today we went swimming all together and met some friends at the pool. So it was a fun relaxing day.

Also we decided to add in another week of Oceans and cut back our Disney study to just one week. After looking thru the lap book there isn't a lot for the younger kids to do and they are loving all the ocean stuff and there is stuff we haven't even touched on yet. We need to stay focused next week and get our lapbooks together and we are going to make our own autograph books.

The staying focused I think is my issue as well as the kids because it is a toss up as to who is more excited about our up coming vacation them or me! LOL We have a lot to get done this next week before we go and I am as excited as a little kid! So I need to stop blogging and go make my list for all we need to accomplish next week.

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