Sunday, September 13, 2009

And We're Off...... Part One

What a wonderfully, awesome family vacation we had!!!  We finally got on the road around 2:30pm Sunday (Sept. 13th) afternoon.  Jay went to church but the rest of us did not make it.  When he got home everything was ready to be loaded.  I really should have taken a picture of the suburban.  The very back was packed to the top and we even used a kanga pouch on top.

The kids were very excited to get in the car and open their backpacks.  I let them open bag one right away.

It is hard to see but the paper bags were labeled with a 1 on them.


They were so excited to each get their own QT card (QT is similar to a 7-11 basically a gas station store)

So we stopped at the Qt and the kids each go to pick a slushie drink a pack of gum and another treat of their choice.  We were sugared up and ready to go!   

We had to make one more stop on the way out of town.  We stopped at my sister's house.  She and her family lives about an hour away.  When she was over last weekend I didn't get any pictures of her and I together with our bellies.  We have been pregnant several times together and always get at least one picture.  I didn't know if we would see one another before she has her baby so I wanted to get a picture.

Here we are!  Brandy is due mid October

Then we were finally off again.  I let them open up bag # 2.    This was their coloring book and crayons and pencils.  They were very excited about all the disney character coloring pages.


This kept them busy for about an hour and then most of them fell asleep.  When they started waking up we skipped bag # 3 and I had them open bag #4.  It was going to be dark soon and I wanted them to be able to see them.  This had their activity books.



Too Cute!

After a pit stop I had bag three it had a movie for them to watch.  We let them open up bag five at the same time.  It had Disney Pez dispensers and a couple other treats.  They watched the movie and all fell asleep till we got to the hotel which was around 10:00pm.  We got in, got settled and tried to sleep before our first big day at Disneyland.

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