Friday, August 27, 2010

Homeschool Reality

Now just to clarify from my post on our first day back at school, lest you think everything just is peaches and cream smooth and on schedule around here. Here is some reality with our lovely two year old Tasha!!! I wouldn't trade her for the world but let me tell you I have decided that she really needs to bond with daddy while we are doing school (in other words any morning that daddy has to run errands and is available she gets to go with!!)

The above picture is how I found her one morning. I was at the sink doing dishes and getting ready for lunch. She was really quiet. She helped herself in the pantry found pudding, punched it open with the spoon and then of course couldn't eat it with the spoon and had to use her hands. This happened all in a matter of 5-10min.

Here is a nice picture of her actually doing one of her workboxes. She even stayed on her mat and this lasted about 10 minutes. Doesn't she look angelic? :) ha!

Tasha was allowed to use dot-a-dot markers/paint which she loves. It kept her busy for awhile until she decided it was more fun to crawl on and under the table.

Beads do keep her busy for at least 15 minutes. She likes to slide them on the sticks but needs to be watched so they stay on her mat and don't end up tossed all over the floor.

Did someone say "snack time"??? Here she is sitting in yes, in the cupboard eating raw oatmeal!!!

Now for the best activity she did this week I actually don't have a picture because come on now I can only reinforce bad behavior so much by taking pictures. I was in the kitchen cleaning and she was really quiet. The couch is in view of where I was but I couldn't see her sitting on it. I walked over looking for her and sure enough she was sitting on the couch very quietly. Why was she so quiet you might ask. She was quiet because she had my pack of dental flossers and she was taking one out at a time, licking it and putting it back in the bag!!!!!!!! They are mint flavored after all. ;) So glad I caught her in the act. LOL

Now each morning I ask, umm rather beg if Jay can take her with him depending on what he is doing. :) She however does love to do school and loves her Dora workboxes so I just need to keep finding more activites for her to do and it should get better! :)

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