Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Camping

Our family was so blessed to spend a wonderful week camping with great friends. We spent a Monday-Friday camping up on the rim at Woods Canyon Lake. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was incredible; however to Nikki and I the best thing was the fact that our hubby's cell phones did not work!! ;) We had no agenda except to hike, fish, catch crawdads and enjoy our families. I would say we accomplished all that and then some.

Pastor Dan cooking breakfast one morning .

After breakfast and even before breakfast some mornings several kids went down to the lake and went fishing/crawdad catching with the dads.

Natasha found a Nemo fishing pole and she would stick it in the water and twirl it around and say "ishing, ishing" and she did catch something......

Jay and Dan rented a boat one morning
The kids caught a lot of crayfish we were able to cook up
By Thursday we caught a total of 18 fish for our fish fry.

Taking naps out doors and being carried in the baby pack for hikes Jadon had a great time.

During some down time I taught Joshua and Savannah how to play "war". They really liked it.

I Love this photo. During one of our hikes the girls collected flowers and put them in Joshua's hat.

I taught the kids how to play Left Right Center. We played with donuts.

We survived our 5 mile hike by stopping at the camp store for an ice cream treat.

During the hike we found several Horned Toads.

I have no idea what is going on in this picture but thought it was cute.

Hiking is such hard work!

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