Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Freddy our Elf is back!

Freddy our Elf came back this year. The kids were so excited to see him again and this year he was full of mischief!

One morning they found Freddy sitting in Anastasia's Christmas tree. He was trying to look innocent but the dry erase marker in his arms gave him away......
He drew funny faces all of the kid's pictures!!

Another morning he was found perched high up on a window ledge, holding toilet paper.....

He tp'd the playroom while the kids were sleeping!

He used all of our salt to make a snow angel!

Some mornings the kids found that Freddy did leave some treats:

His note said that he left some "kisses" for them under the mistletoe.

This particular morning we caught Freddy trying to roast some marshmallows. He left the kids some hot chocolate, marshmallows and candy canes.
Other various hang outs around the house:

This is where we found him Christmas Eve morning. That night the kids were sad as they said good-bye to Freddy till next year!

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