Friday, November 26, 2010



It was a quiet Thanksgiving this year. Not quite all the excitement of last year with bringing home a new baby! We of course started our day with watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then we began cooking. Jay and I are both big on traditions and I always think about what memories our kids are going to have about the holidays when they are grown.
Both sets of parents/grandparents came over for dinner but they both left quite early as well.
So we decided to get out our Christmas tree and start putting it up. The kids were so excited as they opened ornaments from previous years and the memories came back to them. Natasha carried her Dora ornament around most of the night! We only got the lights on the tree and then decided to wait till the next day to finish up.
I needed to go take a 3 hr. nap so I could be up and ready to hit the stores at mid-night for Black Friday! Jay and I both went and I have decided that I can go at 4 or 5 am after some sleep but it was not worth going at midnight and being out all night. There was nothing we just had to have, we just like to "people watch" and let me tell you there are ALL kinds of people out on that night!! ;)

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