Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Fever

So I know it is not officially Spring yet but Spring Fever has hit around here in many ways! :) The weather has been so beautiful lately the doors and windows have been open wide and we have even done some of our school work outside! It is Sooo nice having our back yard done. The kids spend hours playing out there. Now is the time for more outdoor activities and enjoying this wonderful weather before the heat blast comes.

I have been in a "spring cleaning" mood too. Trying to get things organized...I think that is the story of my life ;) I am ready to get rid of some of the clutter. At least I consider it clutter, the kids not so much! They have been forewarned.

On the home front we are getting ready to get a little bit of down time. ( I will post about school happenings in another post) We have been go,go,go for the last month and a half but now baseball is ending, Jay has a month break before his next class starts. For the actual week of Spring break we have no extra curricular activities going on!!! I am sure we will have no problem filling our time though. I would like to paint the boys room and start a garden.
I am trying to blog a little more regularly. We will see how that goes.....
How are you spending your spring break?

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