Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cabin Time

We have been trying to get up to a cabin on Mt. Lemon since Christmas! We were originally supposed to go for a few days between Christmas and New Year's but several of us were sick so we rescheduled for January. Well in January the forest service was doing something with the roads so they had to reschedule on us this time. Finally we were able to go up this past Mon-Wed. I should say that this wasn't just a cabin but an actual camp run by a Baptist church in Tucson. Within the camp they have a cabin that they allow pastor's and their families to come up and stay for FREE! So we were up there for a two fold time and a chance to check out the camp to use for our youth camp this summer.

Do you see the SNOW?? The kids were so excited. They were praying for snow our whole drive up.

Two cuties loving on one another.

Now since we are a large family ;) we actually stayed in the dinning hall. If you look at the back of the picture there are three rooms we were able to sleep in. This worked out great. We were able to use the kitchen and rec room and fire place all in that building. Everything was there except the bathroom. We had to hike up to the pit toilets. FUN, NOT! But I survived.

Jay in the kitchen

Jadon just hanging out

Game Time

We bought our ginger bread houses the day after Christmas this year since we had decided to do them at the cabin. So of course we got them half off, which was a sweet deal and then everyone got their own. Even though we didn't get to the cabin right away we saved them.

Anastasia's house

These are some of the cabins where the campers will sleep.

Joshua and all his snowballs

She got pelted.

They are trying to scrape ice off the table.

I love this pic.

We had a great time just hanging out as a family with no TV, no computers and no cell phones....WHOO HOO! I can't wait to go up again!

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