Monday, December 12, 2011

December C0-OP

Co-op this month was a lot of fun. I will have to say this was the easiest and most enjoyable party we have had. :) Instead of our regular Monday day time we had an evening Christmas party so we could include dads as well. The evening started with a pot luck dinner, then we played some minute to win-it Christmas games, followed by singing Christmas Carols and ended the evening with a round of Happy Birthday to Jesus and a birthday cake.

Joshua and Savannah represented our family in the Hanky Panky game. They had to empty the tissue box in one minute each only using one hand.

Alexa played "Junk in my trunk". There were jingle bells in the box and she had to jump up and down and all around to get the bells all out.

Jay led us all in singing some Christmas Carols

For our field trip this month we went to Gilbert's Riparian Reserve. It was a cold day but we still had a good time. They took us on a tour and the highlight of it was at the end when she showed us "bug boxes". Jadon LOVED it. He loves bugy buggies and to see a whole box of them ohhh he was in heaven! LOL

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