Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July Family Vacation

We were so ready for a family vacation and a break from this heat!  Right after church on Sunday we loaded up the suburban and headed for San Diego.  We dropped Kasey off at my parent's, stopped at wal-mart, made several potty breaks and finally arrived around 10pm.  ;)

We stayed for a whole week and during that time we went to the beach (lots) went to Seaport Village (my favorite place), celebrated Jutem's birthday, celebrated the 4th of July and hung out with family.
I have A LOT of pictures and I tried to be selective and I was but not that you can tell by all that I am putting in this post.  They are not in any particular order either.  LOL

Jutem took our family picture while we were there.  I love how they turned out.

The kids loved playing in the back yard.  It is nice, big and grassy; not to mention about 40 degrees cooler than at home right now!
Their favorite thing to do was catch and play with snails.

On the 3rd was Jutem's birthday we celebrated by going to the beach for part of the day and then we surprised her with a birthday dinner at one of her favorite restaurants.  For the 4th we were able to go to Camp Pendleton with Danny and Ashley.  They had a huge beach bash, which we didn't know all the details about, but in the end it all worked out and the kids had a great time.
Papa and Grandma went on the trip with us. 

Danny, Ashley and Luke

The kids hanging out with cousins

Waiting to take the train to the beach.  The kids thought this was so cool!  It was a little commuter train.

At the beach!  It is one of our most favorite places to go in California!!!

First time I have seen a jellyfish in the water.  I took this picture from up on the pier.  It is so cool looking.
This is on the train ride back to Jutem's....Jadon is crashed out in Uncle Brian's arms.

An afternoon at a park

We went to the beach one day just to walk along it (because it was a cold day) ummm yeah I think everyone of the kids ended up with their shorts wet.  LOL


Dinner out at our favorite place in Carlsbad.


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We had a wonderful trip, the kids all had a great time and when the week was up it was time to go back and face the heat!  ;(  The trip home was great.....Chance, Bryson and Jocelyn came back with us so Chance drove her car and Anastasia and I rode with her while Jay drove the suburban with all the little kids.  LOL  he he he.

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