Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Fun

We officially took 6 weeks off this summer.  It was filled with swimming, swimming and more swimming and I am sure we did some other stuff as well.  :)  We were also blessed with spending most of the summer with Jutem and my nieces and nephew.  There were here on and off for over a month and we even went to visit them in San Diego (more on that in another post).

Anastasia and Chance got to participate in a week long camp (two hours a day) for volleyball.  They really enjoyed it and Anastasia is going to try out for the homeschool JV team.

We had a MaryKay facial party....Aren't we so pretty!  LOL

Lots of smoothies and fun sandwiches this summer.

We took the big girls and little girls out shopping one day.  The little girls got slushies and us big girls got Starbucks coffee.   :)

We had a surprise visit from Uncle Chad, Aunt Lori, Nathan and Emma.  So of course we lined up the kids all together for a picture.  However, Nathan and Emma are technically Jay and Jutem's cousins.

We went to the public pool and the kids all loved going off the diving board and showing off their new skills.  This was one of the best times at the pool.....no stroller, no chasing a toddler.  Savannah and Alexa could go off together and do the slides and lazy river and Jadon and Tasha played nicely in the shallow area.  It was great!

We had a family night for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  For dinner we had pizza and dessert was ice cream floats.  YUMMY!

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