Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School 2015-2016

Introducing the line up for this school year:  
This is the one and only year that all six are officially in school.  I took the last few weeks to start planning out this year and hopefully can stay on top of everything.  I am excited (and I think the kids will be too) for the topics we will be studying this year.  It is going to be an exciting and emotional year with lots of firsts and lasts and last firsts!  ; )

My Senior and my kindergartner.  Anastasia was gracious and humorous enough to pose in the booster seat once again.  I love this group of pictures!!! 

The kids talked me into making my famous Christmas cinnamon rolls for the first day back.  Ooey gooey goodness!  There were also some eggs cooked for some protein as I was the one having to teach them all day.  Ha!

The night before I put some goodies on the table for them to wake up and find:
The minion stuff was for Anastasia and the Paw patrol for Jadon.  Then the fishy crackers, smarties and water color paints were for the others.  We were 
"O-fish-ally" back in school so they need to be "Smarties". 

It was a good first day back even with one of the computers not working, the kitchen sink breaking, slicing my finger and Jay being out of town.  Oh my!

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