Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We love camping and were able to go for a 2nd time this summer.  This time we went up to Woods Canyon Lake with my sister's family, and two other families.  It was a lot of fun.  I love making these memories with my kids.  They always talk about our camping trips for months and years afterwards.  We always have a good time.

Yes, we only went up for two nights.....
Don't worry we split the trailer with my sister's family.  HA!

 I am still not sure how it all worked out but Jay and I ended up having our big 10 person tent all to ourselves both nights! The big girls shared a tent, the younger girls shared a tent, and the boys shared.

The first afternoon we got up there of course it rained.  It was really loud too!  So we hung out in the tents for awhile (praying the lightning would stay away). The little girl's tent partially flooded so we ended up making them beds in the suburban.  They were okay with this because they could have food in there.  All food had to be put up and locked away each night due to the potential for attracting elk!
 The next day was spent fishing and catching crawdads.  Crawdads are fun for the kids because there are always plenty of them and they are so easy and quick to catch compared to fish.  Us moms got to relax and just hang out for awhile which was really nice.  The best part was watching all the kids help prep the crawdads for dinner.  My kids have all done it before but their cousins never have so there was lots of eeewws and yucks and laughs!  

We were so exhausted both nights we didn't even get to enjoy the campfire, which is my favorite part of camping.  :/

Of course the days went quick and it was time to head home back to the heat once again.  Hoping we can get up again before the weather gets too cold up there.  I took a gazillion pictures but here are just a few:


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