Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Curriculum Choices and Schedule

This is my 13th year of officially homeschooling 15 if you count Anastasia's two years of preschool!!
Each year looks so different but yet similar.  This year and only this year I will have all 6 officially being homeschooled!  I always take time over the summer to plan and we ALWAYS go to the convention each year.  It is such and blessing and encouragement.  Some curriculum I always stick with and others I change it up each year.  I am pretty excited about our choices this year.

Our general goal is to start about 8:30 and finish by 3:00.  We have an hour lunch break and the kids aren't working that whole time but I pretty much am with helping everyone.  Tuesdays we are gone in the morning to gymnastics for the 3 girls and Jadon, and Joshua goes to First Lego League. Anastasia takes him and stays there and does her schoolwork.  We all get home around noon and eat lunch and knock out school work by 3.  Twice a month is co-op.  Once a month (in the afternoons) is book club for Joshua and Keeper's for the girls.  Then once a month on a Thursday afternoon is our small science co-op that we do with just a few families.  Sunday's is Awana.  WHEW!!!  Be sure and ask me about my unsocialized homeschoolers.  ; )

Above is pictures of some of our curriculum choices for this year. I LOVE Easy Peasy!!!!  I have known about it for a few years but finally looked into it and absolutely love it.  It is free!  It is a full curriculum however my kids are all using it for reading and Language this year.  We are all doing Mystery of History and studying Ancient history this year.  All 6 kids use it and I love that!!!  It has activities and text so that my senior, my kindergartner and all in between get what they need from it.  We are also doing world geography!  Alexa and Anastasia use Math U See for math the rest use Horizons.  The youngers are all using Apologia once again for Science and this year we are studying Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Anastasia is taking two Language courses this year, Algebra II, World Geography, Ancient History, Accounting, Small Business, Typing, Bible, Logic and yearbook (at co-op).
My goal is to try and post weekly updates on what we do each week in school.  We will see how that goes!   

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