Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Shopping Day

It was time for our annual family Christmas shopping, lunch and trip to visit Santa. The kids each draw names at the beginning of December and then they do extra chores to earn up to $15 to buy a gift for the sibling's whose name they drew. Then we pick a day in December for our family shopping.  This year we went to see Santa first.  We have gone to Bass Pro Shop for several years now and I am glad we went the week before all the schools are on break!  It is a win-win for everyone as Jay loves to walk around and look at everything and the kids love the rides and games.

Freddy hid in the car so he could be sure and go with us.

After our pics we went to lunch at one of our favorite places and doesn't break the bank for our family.  It's called Cogburn's and we get wings and fries.  Love their fries!!  LOL  After lunch we went shopping we divide and concur and got it done in just a couple of hours.  No pictures of either too busy eating and shopping.  LOL

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