Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Gladiators

Today was the big day...the state competition.  Joshua's Gladiator team was competing against 62 other teams from around the state.  The competition was held at ASU's school of engineering.  It was again an all day affair.  Joshua rode with one of the other boys to get there on time.  I had to rest some before heading up their.  I have been fighting off a head cold and Jay is out of town.  I did stop on my way in and get them all Krispy Kreme donuts.  Since it is 12-12-15 they have buy 12 get 12 free.  The boys were very excited to see me!  HA! 

Their team had to complete their 3 runs and once again give all their info and present to the judges.  These events were spread throughout the day with the closing ceremonies happening at 4:30pm. In the three robot runs the boys placed 25th out of the 62 teams.  So the top half!!  Our boys worked hard and gave it their all but they did not win.  However, they were very good sports and are already talking about next year's competition. The good news was though it was another homeschool team (of who we know) that won first place!

Here are some pictures of the day.  We were glad that the robot runs were live streamed over you tube so Jay and other friends were able to watch.  

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