Friday, December 11, 2015

Teen Christmas Party

Anastasia wanted to have a Christmas party so we decided to have one for the teen group from 
Co-op.  I was brave enough to schedule it even while Jay was out of town.  Ha! There are 20 kids in the class and they were all able to show up.  It was really a lot of fun, they are a great group of kids.
Each person brought a gift and we had an exchange, white elephant style.  Everyone was being so nice and no one was stealing until about half way through then they finally did.  It was funny!  Then we played one more game and the rest of the time was spent just hanging out, eating yummy food and roasting marshmallows. There was a lot of socializing going on for a bunch of 
"non-socialized homeschoolers."   ; )

We definitely enjoyed the evening and will host this again.

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