Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our first two days using workboxes

The kids and I love these workboxes!!!  It really is helping us stay focused and get work completed.  I also found 2 yahoo groups for discussion of workboxes and all sorts of forms.  These ladies are great for sharing ideas with.  The groups are:    and

 We started the workboxes on Thursday.  The kids started with our group time which I listed the activities (pledges, prayer, calendar, story and Bible verse) on the white board.  Then when we were done with those I had them come sit in front of the boxes.  They were so excited.  I explained whose was whose and how they had to work in order.   So I sat in the middle of the floor and monitored and helped them.  They like to work on white boards when doing worksheets and stuff so they can sit on the floor by me.  As they finished a box they stacked the boxes in a corner and turned in their work in another bucket I have under the table.

Workboxes disappearing from the shelves.



 Empty workboxes stacked in the corner.  (At the end of the day I have one of the kids put the empty ones back on the shelf.  It saves me time and it is great number recoginition for them) 

Turn in tub on the floor. They place all completed work in here. 

 Alexa was so excited to have her own computer time.

Joshua posing for a picture doing his reading.

These are the work box forms that I fill out each week to plan what goes in each box.  I color coded them to match their colors on their boxes so it is easy for me to see whose is whose.

Now this week I am working on getting all my file folder and center games that I bought laminated.  I will post about them as they get done.

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