Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our New School Room and Workboxes

I know most of you are winding down for the school year and getting ready for summer but we are getting ready to gear back up.  With packing and moving and unpacking the kids have just been barely doing the basics for the last month and a half so we are going to continue schooling this summer.  It is way to hot to go outside anyways except for swimming.  I also want to school this summer because we will be taking a week off in September for our Disney trip and the new baby is due the end of November which means we will be off school from Thanksgiving thru Christmas.  I have to say this is such a great benefit of homeschooling is deciding and fitting our schedule around our family needs. 

So we finally got the school room painted and my bookshelves painted thanks to my great hubby.  I love primary colors so the walls are yellow and the shelf is red and blue.  I have another white cabinet that I would eventually like painted green.  Our school room is right off of our family room and kitchen.  I doesn't have a door just an open arch way.  So we keep the school stuff all in there and work in there but also the kids "spill" out into the family room. 

I have so many books and curriculum (what homeschool mom doesn't? lol) and I don't use them all all the time but I can't part with them.  So I put them into banker boxes and on the front of each box I put a number.  Then on a piece of paper I listed what was in each box.  Now as long as I don't lose that paper  I can find the stuff in the boxes easily.  I put these boxes on a shelf in the garage.

Now I have a place for everything and everything in its place. Although this is a great saying it never works with a two year old in the house!!  Here are some pictures of our school room and I will tell you all about the workboxes in my next post.  They are soo cool and you might even want to incorporate it into your schooling next year.

 These two pictures are just to show you what the shelves looked like in our old house.  (The white shelving in the back of the pics)

And here is what they look like now after some spray paint and a handy hubby:

I just love them!!!  Inside the red cabinet I have paper, centers, activity bags and what ever else I could put in there. 

Now I will do a seperate post about the workboxes.

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