Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Last Co-op for the year


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 Monday was our last co-op for the year.  What a wonderful and enriching year it has been for both my kids and myself.  We have made such great friendships and learned a lot.  The kids were actually sad that it is time for summer break and want to make sure they can get together over the summer with their friends.  It has been especially neat to watch Joshua's friendships blossom.  One of his best friends is Ethan and when Joshua was packing his lunch for co-op he asked if he could bring an extra apple and carrots because Ethan had a loose tooth and he wanted to help him get it out.  How cute is that!!    One thing I really like about co-op is now for next year they just don't move the kids up to the next grade.  They really try to keep classes together because of these friendships.

Anastasia is losing a good friend this year due to them moving to Flagstaff.  So that has been hard.  But Flagstaff is great to visit both in the summer and winter.

I didn't get many pictures this month but Anastasia's class was studying Botany, Joshua was studying space and Savannah was studying plants, summer fun and seeds.

Savannah's class made picnic plates and played water balloon games during their picnic class.

Anastasia sprouted a lima bean in a wet paper towel and then moved it to a pot and now it is growing like crazy.

Between Anastasia and Savannah we now have a garden starting on our window sill.  The kids love checking on them each morning and see how they are growing.  We need to go get some bigger planters to do some transplanting.

Joshua learned all about planets, and space ships.  I didn't get a picture yet of him in his space helmet.  It was really cute.  Below is a placemat I found at Wal-Mart and got for Joshua.  (They have great placemats there for only $1.00 we have quite a few of them.)


We had a wonderful year and the kids are already asking when is September!

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