Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Time Happenings - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Summer is definetly here in Arizona as the heat is on!  We are winding down with some things and gearing up with others.  Workboxes are going well except for the fact that I was sick for two days last week and they didn't happen.  (Very frustrating). But I will post more about them later.  Also Anastasia got her walking boot off.  Yeah!!!

As I mentioned before we are going to keep schooling thru the summer.  The  weekly plan is this-  Mon-School, Tuesday- Basha pool with friends, Wednesday--School, Thursday--School, Friday---Harkins Summer Movie Fun, Library and any special projects that go with our unit studies.  Jay only has 8 more days at UOP and then will be full time with the church.  It is exciting and will be challenging all at the same time.  Our budget is going to get really tight again but God has blessed us so much I know it will be fine.

We also have two birthdays and two graduations to celebrate this summer:  Natasha will turn 1 in June and Alexa will be 3 in July.  Joshua will graduate Kindergarten and Jay will graduate college in July we are going to have to plan a big celebration for our guys!!!

In the midst of all this we will go camping at least twice hopefully, have the girls dance recital, and participate in our church's VBS.  I will also be busy planning the start up of AWANA's at our church.  I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  I am going to be a co-commander with another lady and we plan on starting in August.  I love Awana's and there is a lot to get planned.

So that is our plans for the summer.  What are yours?  Do you take the summer completely off of school?  Do you school year round?  Have any trips planned?

I am also looking for any good camping websites that have activites and such for kids to do while camping.  If you know of any let me know.

Also one more thing....I am planning a unit on the 4th of July and really want to do it up this year.  We always go to fireworks and such but outdoors during the day is really limited here it is usually extremely hot so what do you do to celebrate this special day with your family?  I am going to plan some crafts and such any ideas???

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