Sunday, April 25, 2010

Savannah is 5

5 Years Old!!

5 is one of those milestone birthdays and in our family we celebrated big time with Savannah!  For Savannah turing 5 means getting ready to start kindergarten, no more naps (well maybe on some days still ) and getting ears pierced.

We started the celebrating on Saturday with a party at the zoo with friends.  A few of Savannah's friends met us there for waterplay, cupcakes and of course seeing some animals.

Anastasia made the cupcakes (P for princess with a crown on top)

Savannah, Alexa and two of their friends from co-op

More friends at the zoo 

A free ice cream treat

Then on Sunday we continued the celebration with family.  After church both sets of grandparents met us for lunch at a Chinese food place (Savannah's choice). 

Ice cream for dessert. 

A card from Papa Jack and Grandma Donna 

I was not very good at getting pictures with everyone this time.

After we ate we all went to Claire's so Savannah could get her ears pierced.  She did great!!!!  There was only one lady working so she had to pierce the ears one at a time and Savannah didn't even cry.  There was a lot of blinking but no tears. 

getting ready!



she did it! 


After the ear piercing Papaw and Grandma Carson took Savannah to Wal-mart to pick out a new bike.  Well that was the plan anyways....and let's just say 4 other kids also came home with early birthday gifts as well.

 Getting all the bikes!  Alexa wasn't shy at all she wanted to ride hers through the store. 



Thank you Pawpa and Grandma!

Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Savannah Joy. 

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