Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Weather

The weather here has been beautiful lately and we are trying to take advantage of it before summer kicks in. I know the rest of the US is looking forward to summer after this past winter but here in Arizona we hibernate during the summer. We had a nice relaxing weekend with out a lot going on for a change!

We try to spend Sunday evenings doing family activities and everyone wanted to go outside and play so out back we went. We played swords, nerf guns and soccer. Actually Jay, Anastasia and Joshua played soccer while Savannah, Alexa and I cheered them on.

We love spending time in our back yard and right now it needs some TLC. The summer grass is starting to come back and is sprouting up. The trees are finally getting leaves back on. The growing ivy on the back wall didn't surrive the frost this winter so this week we are going to go buy some more to plant and we are also going to start a small garden. The kids are so excited. I hope we are actually able to grow some things. Our back yard should be back up to being green and colorful soon!!

Does anyone have any gardening tips? We will be planting in our back retaining wall.

Joshua and his sword!!! Watch out!

Jay and I shooting the nerf guns. They are quite fun to play with.

The girls playing soccer.

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