Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Track Meet

I have never been to a track meet before so this was a first for even me. There are three middle schools in our area and they all take a turn hosting the meets. We had Anastasia ride the school bus with her team to the other school. It was her first time on one. She thought it was REALLY BIG! LOL I told her when I was her age I had to ride one an hour to school and an hour home! UGH!

Anastasia was running in the 800meter (which is a half a mile/twice around the track) Her event was one of the last ones. SHE DID GREAT! She didn't come in first (she was closer to last but was not last!) She ran with out stopping even with her hurt groin (which is doing better)

So for her first track meet I think she did awesome and now she is excited to keep practicing for the next one.

Tasha cheering on her big sissy!

She definetly has a runner's body!

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