Saturday, October 16, 2010

Battle of the Bands

Our church hosted it's 2ND annual Battle of the Bands and it was a great success. It was an enjoyable evening for the whole family! I however, only got two (and not that good) pictures. I was so busy selling hot dogs, chips and soda the entire time! :)

Battle of the Bands is designed to be an outreach event for our community. We advertise in many different ways for bands to come and compete. They can be secular or Christian the only requirement is family friendly music. This year for the competition the bands had to write a song based on Psalm 40. We had 8 bands competing with over 750 people in attendance.

This is a not so good picture of all the bands on the stage at the end of the night waiting to hear the judge's results.
My kiddos had a great time and kept themselves well fed and entertained!

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