Friday, October 1, 2010

On the Hunt For Great Recipes

I have been in a cooking rut again and have been looking for some new good recipes in all areas; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I have been trying to stick to weight watcher friendly but most are easily adaptable. So if you have any great family recipes you would like to send my way I would love to try them!! I did just buy Pillsbury's Thanksgiving recipe book (found at the check out counters at the grocery store) This particular one comes with 77 recipe cards!! There are a lot of good looking recipes I will have to try in the next couple of months.

On another note I am also working on some long term projects with recipes for my kids. I want to create a recipe book for each of them to have when they are grown and start their own households. I am planning on including family favorites and holiday favorites etc. My quandary is that I am not sure how I want to make the books......handwritten recipe cards?, all typed on the computer and bound, has any one done this as a gift before and how did you do it?

Those are things I am pondering right now but I also have a recipe to share. This is a snack item. Jay and I host a game night here at the house and everyone brings a snack/appetizer or dessert to share. There are so many goodies each time!!! One game night, Ben and Marylin brought this great snack I will call "Spicy Crackers"
WARNING: They are VERY addictive!

It is a very simple recipe but you do have to be willing to wait about 24hrs. after making them before you enjoy.


1 Box Saltine crackers can be plain or whole wheat

2pkg. Italian salad seasoning

2Tbsp. Crushed red pepper

1 1/4 cup Canola oil. ( I used both canola and olive oil because that is what I had)

1 gallon plastic bag

Put crackers in bag. Mix all other ingredients together in a bowl and then pour into the bag with the crackers. Seal the bag and shake and rotate it until the oil mixture is mixed well with the crackers. Let it stand for 2hrs then rotate the bag every 2 hrs. Wait 24 hours and enjoy.

You will be amazed the crackers stay crispy and do not get soggy at all. The key is to leave them in the bag and serve from the bag. Do not take them out and put in another container. You won't have to worry to much though because they won't last long. In our house they were gone in a day and a half!


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